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SIX pots. Your choice. Create your own case
5 protein and 1 pear? Done.

2 Raspberry, 2 Chocolate, and a Berry? Gotcha.
3 Lemon 3 Nutty? done.

Choose any 6 pots, and we'll build your CYO pack! Go on, pick what you like!

Flavours to choose from:
Honey & Nut
Creamy & Berry Jam
Spiced Pear & Ginger
Coconut & Lime Marmalade
Raspberry & Vanilla
Chocolate & Orange
Organic Plain & Simple
Lemon & Poppy Seed
Strawberries & Cream (vegan)
Rhubarb Jam & Ginger (vegan)
Protein Boosted & Strawberry Jam

From time to time we may be temporarily out of stock of certain lines - if that's the case we'll contact you to arrange an alternative for your CYO pack  :)

CYO Porridge Pack (Pack of 6)

Out of Stock
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