Porridge & CousCous


Born in Stroud, in the heart of the Cotswolds, Wolfys is the brainchild of Kitchen Garden Foods, traditional preserve makers.

Although Kitchen Garden was founded in 1989, Wolfys launched in the summer of 2013 after we were challenged to find a hot, filling and tasty snack for a festival caterer. Word soon spread and Wolfys very quickly became a local success story.

Wolfys is unique. Each pot of Wolfys has another little pot hidden under the lid! In our Porridge you'll find a pot of jam, marmalade or honey and in the Couscous you'll find a little pot of chutney or relish. Everything is made by hand, by us, in Stroud.

Wolfys is great for busy bees - the perfect food if you're short for time or about to defeat Everest.

Simply add hot water, leave for four minutes and voila! Perfection in a pot.

Everything is vegetarian with the couscous being suitable for vegans and now a new vegan porridge range!


Traditional prison food and deriving from an alteration of the word ‘Pottage’ (meaning ‘Soup’ or ‘Stew’), porridge is older than your grandma…

The oaty stuff dates back to the 16th century and has been a staple diet for many millions of people ever since. Often plain, gloopy and on a par with gruel, porridge hasn’t always been the most exciting.
Well that’s now changed!


From the Arabic word kaskasa, Couscous is iconic in North Africa. This stuff is older than your pet elephant with some saying that it originated between the end of the Zirid dynasty and the rise of the Almohadian dynasty (that's the eleventh to the thirteenth century if you're wondering).

More versatile than a Swiss army knife, we've grabbed this ancient delicacy by the danglies and dragged it into the 21st Century.




Chief in charge of all commercial stuff.
Can complete a Rubix Cube in ninety seconds, pull a rabbit from a hat and is a dab hand at photography. 
Thinks he's the 'ideas guy' but 90% of his ideas are rubbish
(so they say)



Heads up operations and is a master of new product development.
A super-human with a fine art degree who can eat his own body weight 3 times over and not gain a single pound.
90% of his ideas are amazing (apparently)


Joined us an an apprentice and has stayed ever since!
Alice is in charge of the day to day running of the office and keeping our customers smiling.
An expert at filing James H's ideas in the relevant recycling bin and knows everything that needs to be known about Ed Sheeran & Coffee




Despite being a young thing, Carrie has been here since the dawn of time.

Keeps an eye on everyone and everything that needs keeping an eye on (including James M).
Enjoys walking, days out with the kids and has a toilet that lights up when you lift the seat. Posh.




Oversees almost every aspect of our warehouse. Liam the 'Warehouse Wizard' is a champion forklift driver, knows every product and can stack a pallet quicker than James H can do his Rubix cube. A super car enthusiast with a collection of vehicles so clean you could eat off them. Beep beep.

There's another 15 people behind the scenes, but they were a bit shy!

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